This course has been designed to give participants an overview of the Auditory Verbal habilitative option to develop spoken language in children with hearing loss. When knowledge of speech acoustics and the availability of current technology are combined with high but realistic expectations extraordinary opportunities are created for auditory learning in young children. Our purpose is to provide an introduction to the art and the science of creating those opportunities.

Our goal is that you can integrate the information that we present and apply it in your work with families and young children. We encourage you to consult in the forum at any point of the course that may feel confusing or unclear. However you must understand that without knowing a child or a particular situation we cannot give therapeutic guidance about the children that you see in this forum. Once you complete Part 2 you can contract for individual consultation if you would like. Each week you will be guided, through recorded presentations and material from selected reading to cover program topics. The presentations have been developed by Pamela Talbot, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, C.E.D., LSLS Cert. AVT. Once you have completed the content of each week you must make a

5-questions multiple choice questionnaire with a limited time (20 min). This time is enough to answer the questions if you keep the work up to date. In the fourth week you must take a final exam of 10 questions (40 min) of all content in Part 1in order to receive AG Bell Association credit.

Learning objectives

Once the course is completed, participants will be able to:

1. Identify the guiding principles of Auditory Verbal Therapy.

2. Understand auditory characteristics of speech sounds

3. Describe 3 forms of acoustic enhancement.

4. Explain the progression of evaluating perception of speech sounds from pre-verbal to verbal stages of development.

The topics to be discussed in this first part are:

Week 1: What is Auditory Verbal Therapy?

Week 2: Diagnostic Teaching

Week 3: Auditory Development

Week 4: Pulling it Together

Final exam

LSLS Continuing Education Credits:

We have obtained the approval of the Alexander Graham Bell Academy for Listening

and Spoken Language to offer 8 LSLS credits of continuing education. Once you complete the 4 weeks and the exams of Part 1 with a survey of Satisfaction, you will receive a certificate for the 8 credits. These credits can be used toward eligibility to sit for the LSLS AVT certification exam or toward certification renewal requirements. After completing the requirements of the 4 weeks of Part 2 you can get another 8 credits.


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